Overview of Speciality course in Ayurveda Advance Dietetics

  • The course aims to enhance knowledge, skills and core competencies of Ayurveda Practitioners to address case management and prevention of different Diseases through Ayurveda Clinical Dietetics.
  • The course is meant for those Ayurveda practitioners who are interested in learning Ayurveda Perspective of Dietetics for Disease care and Preventive Health care.

Three Course Modules of Ayurveda Advance Dietetics

All Three modules may need 45 – 52 session each of 90 minute.

Advance Ayurveda Dietetics

Learning Objectives:

  • Clinical applications of different dietary Elements
  • Designing and recommending the Diet and Regimen for Healthy and Diseased individuals livings in different Geographies
  • Understanding the properties of diverse food available by utilising the Basic principles of Ayurveda Dietetics

Topics Covered:

  • Properties and clinical applications of different dietary Elements
  • Effect of individual food on Dosha, Dhatu, Mala,Srotas, etc.
  • Relationship of Food and Mind
  • Concept of Sattvik, Rajasik and Tamsik Food

Learning Objectives:

  • Designing the Diet and Regimens of individuals having different dosha dominance, different seasons and different geographical conditions.
  • Implementation of most important goal of Ayurveda “Maintence of health in healthy individuals”

Topics Covered:

  • Dietetics according to doshik predominance
  • Dietetics according to Six Seasons
  • Detoxifying Diet for Ama or Toxin
  • Diet recommendation during Panchkarma
  • Diet and regimen During Menstruation, Conception, Pregnancy, Perpurium (Following the labour) Breast Feeding etc.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recommendations of Diet and Regimen in Different Diseases

Topics Covered:

  • In short description of different diseases which includes - Definitions, Factors of Pathogenesis (Samprapti), Common Symptoms and distinguishing characters of different diseases which can be helpful in diagnosing the disease
  • Details of Dietetics mentioned in Ayurveda Texts in different diseases


  • 175 hrs


  • 6am to 8am


  • 3