Internship Programmes

Internship is a period which transform’s Student into Practitioner. Arya Ayurveda provides Specialised Internship Programmes considering the necessities and liking of the practitioners in the different areas of Clinical Ayurveda.

Transform’s Student into Practitioner

Transform’s Student into Practitioner

Specialised Internship Programmes for Different Specialities

Specialised Internship Programmes for Different Specialities

Module One

  • Introduction to Internship
  • Ayurveda and Medical Ethics
  • Setting up an Ayurveda Practice
  • Assessment of the students’ level of Ayurveda expertise and comprehension.
  • A review of fundamental principles of Ayurveda required to design Ayurveda Treatment Plan including, Panchakrma therapies, Herbs, Diet and Lifestyle Modifications.
  • Details of Clinical assessment: Proper History taking and Examinations like Dosha-Dhatu-Mala Assessment, Nadi Pariksha, Srotas Examination, Chest Examination, Abdominal Examination, Blood Pressure, Vital Signs etc.
  • Documentation of Clinical data

Module Two

  • The module can be designed depending upon of Area of Practice of the Student.(Like Pre Natal Care, Post Natal Care, Gynaecology, Dravyaguna, Preparing Ayurveda Medicines, Panchkarma Therapies, Dermatology, etc.)
  • It will include the Clinical exposure to Ayurveda, allowing the student to develop an advanced level in History-taking, Examination, Evaluation and treatment planning with Panchkarma Therapies, Herbs, Diet and lifestyle Regimens, Yogasanas and Pranayam etc.
  • Case presentations and Advanced Clinical Study:
  • Case Presentations: Students present real cases in the clinic.
  • A discussion of the case is facilitated by Dr. Amruta.
  • Students and doctor provide input into case management in order to enhance the learning experience of the interns and help them in becoming confident in designing the line of treatment.

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