Overview of Speciality course in Gynecology

  • The course is meant for those Ayurveda practitioners which are interested in learning Ayurveda Perspective of Gynecology.
  • The course aims to enhance knowledge, skills and core competencies of Ayurveda Practitioners to address case management, prevention and counseling of Gynecological disorders.

Five Course Modules of Ayurveda Gynecology

All Five modules may need 25-30 session each of 90 minute.

Gynaecology Course

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about structural and functional Anatomy of Female Reproductive Tract according to Ayurveda and Western Science.
  • Learn about Physiology of Menstruation (Raja), Ovulation (Artava)
  • Ayurveda regimen and its importance during the Menstruation.

Topics Covered:

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Artava Vaha Srotas (Female Genital tract) according to Ayurveda.
  • Causes and Symptoms of Vitiation of Female Genital Tract.
  • Designing different Regimens (Do’s and Don’ts)in different Gynaecological phases and their clinical importance.

Total Academic Time – 4 to 5 sessions each of 90 minutes

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about Eight types of Artava Dushti (abnormalities in Artava)mentioned in Ayurveda.
  • Learn about different disorders of Menstruation like Excessive, Scanty, Absense of Menstrauation, Shweta Pradara (Leucorrhoea), Rakta Pradara (Excessive menstruation), EcxessisveLearn
  • Learn the concept of Menarche (Initiation of menstruation) and Menopause

Topics Covered:

  • Ashtavidha Artava Dushti (Eight types of menstrual disorders),
  • Rakta Pradara (Prolong, excessive menstruatuion),
  • Shweta Pradara (White discharge),
  • Soma Roga,
  • Menarche and Menopause

Total Academic Time – 5 to 6 sessions each of 90 minutes

Learning Objectives:

  • What are the common causative factors for Yoni vyapada
  • How to diagnose different functional and Anatomical Disorders of female genital tract.
  • To know risk factors for the yoni Vyapada.
  • How to prevent and manage the yoni vyapada in early stages.
  • How to manage False Pregnancy
  • Ayurveda approach for Ovarian and Uterine Cysts.
  • How to manage Acne

Topics Covered:

  • Causes, Symptoms, Signs, Pathogenesis, Differential Diagnosis, Treatments of Twenty four types of Yoni vyapada.
  • Management of Uterine and ovarian cysts
  • Management of False pregnancy.
  • Management of Acne

Total Academic Time – 5 to 6 sessions each of 90 minutes

Learning Objectives:

  • What is the importance of Panchkarma in different Gynaecological conditions.
  • How to implement different therapies involve in treatment of Gynaecological disorders.
  • How to design the herbal treatments in Gynaecology.

Topics Covered:

Requirements, Preparation, Procedure, Indications, Contraindications of following procedures

  1. Yoni Dhavan
  2. Yoni Pichu
  3. Yoni Sampurana
  4. Yoni Varti
  5. Uttar Basti

Details of Herbs frequently used in Gynaecology

Total Academic Time – 4 to 6 sessions each of 90 minutes

Learning Objectives:

  • What are the types of Vandhya
  • How to prevent Infertility
  • What should be the general approach while managing infertility case
  • What are the management protocols in Male partner

Topics Covered:

  1. Concept of Infertility in Ayurveda
  2. Types of Vandhya
  3. Prevention of Infertility
  4. Management of Infertility

Total Academic Time –3 to 5 sessions each of 90 minutes


  • 125 hrs


  • 6am to 8am


  • 5

Client Reviews

I completed Dr.AmrutasAyurvedicGynecology Course Fall 2015, and am exceedingly happy that I did. As a practicing Ayurvedic Practitioner in the US, the information was not only relevant and practical to be applied to my practice, but crucial in my development as an Ayurvedic professional interested in specializing in Womens Reproductive Health. In fact, I have already applied many of the concepts I learned, including successfully reversing one clients decade-long battle with Leukorrhea. Amruta is a passionate doctor and teacher, who really cares about passing along Ayurvedic wisdom in an authentic way. She has always been enthusiastically willing to answer my questions, and help to find solutions in practicing Ayurveda in the US, with resources that are available here. I genuinely recommend her courses to anyone interested in advancing their studies in AyurvedicGynecology and beyond
Madison MaddenAyurvedic Practitioner, Birth Doula at Pacific Coast Ayurveda ,Los Angeles, California, USA

I love learning Ayurveda Gynaecology course from Dr. Amruta, with her approach and view of how Ayurveda should be practiced and clinical expertise, I am learning not only how Charak and other ancient texts thought Ayurveda but also Dr Amruta translates and explains everything, learning Sanskrit terminologies also very very helpful.Thanks
Dilek KoksalAyurveda Counselor and Yoga Teacher at Warrior Goddess Ayurveda and Yoga San Diego, CA, United States

Thank you Amruta! I am learning so much from the gynaecology course with you. Ayurveda offers a different perspective on common gynaecological issues and provides women with accessible and affordable treatment options. Your approaches to teaching and treatment are the perfect blend of medicine as both a science and an art. I look forward to continuing our online sessions and to returning to India in December to continue my studies with you.
Joanna MillerRegistered Physiotherapist, Toronto, Ontario, Canada