Overview of Speciality course in Dermatology

  • The course aims to enhance knowledge, skills and core competencies of Ayurveda Practitioners to address case management, and prevention of Dermatological disorders in patients.
  • The course is meant for Ayurveda practitioners interested in learning about and treating Skin diseases.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the Course the participants will have a general idea about:
  1. Clinical Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin
  2. General Approach for managing disorders of Skin
  3. Major Skin Disorders and their specific management
  4. Preventive Measures for Skin Disorders
  5. Management of Cosmetic conditions

Five Course Modules of Ayurveda Dermatology

All Five modules may need 45 – 52 session each of 90 minute.

Dermatology Course


  • 125 hrs


  • 6am to 8am


  • 5

Client Reviews

Amruta has been a tremendous resource for Ayurvedic learning. Especially in the US, we have limited access to doctors with such a comprehensive knowledge base, as well as insight into specific topics. Amruta readily agreed to prepare a course of study on our topic of interest (skin conditions), and has exceeded our expectations in all ways. Each class session was accompanied by a detailed slideshow pertaining to an aspect of the topic, and Amruta was glad to elaborate on any questions that we had. She is totally open to discussing any topics that are not necessarily directly related to the course, as well. Amruta has made herself available to us for any questions we might have, and promptly replies to all. Having completed our course of study, I feel that I’ve gained a solid, and detailed understanding of the topic—and if necessary, we have the entire body of slides to review. I feel very fortunate to have been connected with Amruta, and look forward to continuing my education with her in the future.
Benjamin BrownAyurvedic Practitioner - Los Angeles, CA, USA

Amruta went above and beyond to make sure that my most recent course with her on how to heal skin disorders was an exceptional experience. The passion and enthusiasm she brings to teaching was a major tool to help me absorb the knowledge.I cant wait for the next course I do with her.
Victor BriereVictor Briere - Ayurvedic Practitioner - Los Angeles, CA, USA

After completing the Dermatology course with Amruta Athale, I feel much more confident working with my patients. This course is very deep with highly useful and applicable information. I feel blessed and happy to have taken the course and established a relationship with Amruta Athale. I can definitely recommend this class to any one who practices Alternative, Complimentary, Chinese and of course Ayurvedic medicine. All Be Well.
Larisa V. SineginaOwner and Founder, Sattvik Herbs LLC,

Amruta, I am so glad I took your Ayurvedic Dermatology course. You are one of the most knowledgeable Ayurvedic Doctors and Educators I ever met., Thank you for being so passionate about Ayurveda and your ability and willingness to share it wisdom. Looking forward to see more classes offered.
Nellie Shapiro Ayurvedic Practitioner, NellikaiAyurved

Dr Amruta is a very talented teacher and professional! I have been taking her Dermatology class and absolutely love it, she stops and makes sure that we understand the lectures and takes extra time to help you if you have questions or desire help with a clinical case.I just signed up for her prenatal and post-natal program starting next week, I highly recommend Dr Amruta to anyone on the Ayurvedic path of healing.
Angela DaGrosaOwner Nutritional Fix West Palm Beach, FL, United States