Overview of Speciality course in Diagnostic Methods

  • In health care science, it is said that “A correct diagnosis is half treatment”.
  • The course aims to enhance knowledge, skills and core competencies of Ayurveda Practitioners in the diagnostic methods to make accurate diagnosis.
  • The course is meant for those Ayurveda practitioners who are interested in learning diagnostic techniques for exact diagnosis of clinical conditions to establish most accurate line of Treatment.

Three Course Modules of Ayurveda Diagnostic Methods

All Three modules may need 45 – 52 session each of 90 minute.

Diagnostic Methods in Ayurveda

Learning Objectives:

  • General, Physical, Systemic, Psychological examination of Healthy and Diseased person.

Topics Covered:

  • Pramana Pariksha
  • Trividha Pariksha (Three fold examination)
  • Shadavidha Pariksha (Six fold examination)
  • Ashtavidha Pariksha (Eight fold examination)
  • Dashavidha Pariksha (Ten folds examination)
  • Srotas Examination or Systemic Examination

Total Academic Time –25 - 30 sessions

Topics Covered:

Description of different diseases which includes Definitions,

  • Factors of Pathogenesis,
  • Common Symptoms and
  • Distinguishing characters

of different diseases which could be helpful in diagnosing any disease.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learning different stages, pathogenesis, distinguishing characteristics of major disorders mentioned in Ayurveda.

Total Academic Time –25 - 30 sessions


  • 200 hrs


  • 6am to 8am


  • 6