Enjoy disease free life

Enjoy disease free life

Natural way of healthy and long life

Natural way of healthy and long life

Ayurveda has always given emphasis on Preventive Health care. In fact if you consider, the Aim of Ayurveda, which is “Swasthasya Swastha Rakshanam Aaturasya Vikarhparimoksha” which means “Maintaining the Health and Curing the Diseases”.

Ayurveda has given first preference to Preventive Health care by mentioning Maintaining the Health prior to curing the Diseases.

Diseases have always changed their forms due to different circumstances of the lives in different Eras of the time. But by following Ayurveda Principles for preventive Health care one can enjoy Disease free, Healthy and Long Life.

Preventive Ayurveda Mainly Includes Swasthvrutta (Code of Healthy Conduct) and Sadvrutta (Ethical Regimen), which consists of personalised Daily Regimen, Seasonal Regimens and Guideline for Keeping Healthy your Body, Mind and Soul.

In these regimens details of Diet, Exercises, Seasonal Detox therapies, Ethical code of conducts are explained in details to keep one’s Tridosha in Balanced state.

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